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1: How to check my past transaction?

Yes, You can easily check your past transaction, just click on your account name and select Recharge Report from Menu. You will get detail of your past transaction.

2: Can i claim refund of amount added to aryatechnology.in?

No, Any amount added to Ezytm wallet is non refundable, it can be used for recharges only.!

3:What should I do if recharge Fails?

Wait for 5 minutes after the payment is successfully done. If your mobile number is still not recharged then go to link and register a complaint. We will respond to it as soon as possible.

4: How much time it takes to recharge ?

Normally, you get your recharge Immediately, as soon as payment is made and you will get confirmation mail from aryatechnology.in

5: For whom I Can recharge?

You can recharge for your loved ones using the same account. You just need to know the mobile number to make a successful recharge.

6: Is there any extra charge for recharging?

No, there is no extra charge for recharging.You will get same talk time what your mobile service provider offers you.